Basic Package

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Educational infrastructure

  • From Monday to Thursday: 9AM-3PM or 10AM to 4PM, self-initiated learning periods, subject-specific skill development and talent program, obligatory mathematics and English lessons
  • Fridays: obligatory (grades 9 and 10), or voluntary (grades 11 and 12) „Out to Learn” programs
  • For further charges: afternoon courses (HUF 1000), exam preparation classes one-on-one (2000Ft/hour) or in small groups (1000Ft/hour)

Social competence and exam preparation

  • authentic representation of Rogersian values, development of the whole personality
  • Social competence education: community building, specialized classes for peer and self-kowledge, conflict resolution and communcation techniques
  • experienced teachers with years spent in person-centered education
  • an environment which ensures emotional safety and calm working conditions
  • planned occasions for self-reflection, feedback from teachers at five time points annually

Opportunities for academic progression

Personalized program, systems thinking, work in small groups

  • an opportunity to make responsible decision in all educational aspects (what, when, with whom, how?)
  • quality programs: e.g. utilizing the opportunites offered by Budapest once a week
  • Study support (planning, sources, supervision)

Alap szolgáltatás

50-80.000 Ft
havonta (10 hónapon át)
  • Személyközpontú légkör
  • Szociális közösségre nevelés
  • Egyéni tanulási szerződés
  • Délelőtti készségfejlesztés
  • Délutáni választható vizsgafelkészítés
  • Nemzetközi program