Standard Package

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Educational infrastructure

  • From Monday to Thursday: 9AM-3PM or 10AM to 4PM, independent classes, subject-specific skill development and talent program, obligatory mathematics and English lessons
  • Fridays: obligatory (grades 9 and 10), or voluntary (grades 11 and 12) „Out to Learn” programs
  • Three types of engagement may be chosen int he afternoon hours:
    • independent studying assisted by a mentor
    • exam preparation or consultation with a teacher, one-on-one or in small groups
    • voluntary creative periods (Movie Making, Tea Gourmet Club, Music History)

An environment reminiscent of a primary school and a high school

In addition to elements included in the Basic Package

we provide a well-functioning community  and the possibility for personal growth

as well as

opportunities for academic progression

Consultation, self-reflection, extra classes

  • preparation for exams at the end of each academic quarter (self-initiated learning periods, consultation hours, exams)
  • assistance in independent learning (planning, sources, supervision)
  • “Run to the fore” program: finish two grades in one subject or two entire grades in one academic year
  • preparation for final exams or admission exams in general knowledge classes
  • e-learning support
  • In-depth program for additional charges with a field-specific professional: personal or group work, therapy with the help of a psychologist or a specidal education teacher
  • Exciting complex and field-specific ways of knowledge acquisition (Mental Amusement Park, Creative Writing, Social Drumming Class)
  • Walking paths of self-inquiry and mathematical strategic thinking through special board games
  • Presentations by interesting people from different walks of life
  • Becoming acquainted with wise seniors who radiate their accumulated knowledge towards our youth
  • Artistic courses, unique programs for further charges (Animal Assisted Training, Speak Program)

Personalized preparation for admission exams  – for further charges

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Standard Package

120,000 HUF
/month (for 10 months in an academic year)
  • Person-centred environment
  • Socialization for a sense of community
  • Individual Learning Contract
  • Skill development in the morning hours
  • Elective exam preparation in the afternoon
  • International programs