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In what ways does the school differ from others?

Students are engaged in small-size groups, allowing us to:

  • provide a feeling of safety for everyone
  • provide a feeling like at home
  • address each other informally, in a casual tone
  • to have ample space in a flat of a beautiful villa building

We focus on social skills:

  • obligatory social skills development classes are included in our schedule (group building)
  • intense learning of self- and peer-knowledge
  • techniques in nonviolent communication and conflict resolution
  • rules are not enforced by institutional means (formal warnings, reports), rather we attempt to find the reasons for the disregard and ways to redress it. (Rogers Regula)

Each student progresses as outlined by a personalized curriculum. Academic decisions are made by the student.

  • the list of available classes comprises obligatory classes (English, Mathematics, Social Learning Skills), elective classes (independent period) and many optional classes (exam preparation, creative classes, subject-specific skill consultation with a teacher)
  • personalized class schedule

Our students are equipped with a large in in many aspects optional array of learning styles and methods:

  • learning support with web-based surfaces
  • projects
  • tasks building upon systems thinking
  • group work
  • talent program

System of examination, accumulation of credits, self-evaluation and feedback by a teacher

We build coopeartive relationships with parents in order to align our values.

Is there access to a personalized curriculum? Can kids choose an intense course in a subject? Are there subjects which are not provided by traditional schools?

Rogers Learning Academy has a unique (non-accredited) educational program.

How can one get to know the institution?

The school may be visited after prior contact. Getting acquainted and consultation with the parents are part of the admission process and are considered very important.

How many students attend the school?

At present, we have 15 students from high school grades and 2 students from primary school grades.

.How many staff members attend to the needs of the students daily?

Three basic staff members work with the students on a daily basis. Four teachers provide classes in specific subjects at a certain time of the day. Additionally, 3-4 educators offer optional classes in the afternoon hours.

Does this school not only focus on students with learning difficulties? Are learning difficulties a characteristic trait? Are there many students with specific learning needs?

We have students with learning difficulties just as we have students with superior talent who finish two grades in one academic year.

Dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia?

Some of our students work their way through such difficulties. For us, owing to the individualized curricula, this does not present a difficulty, but we pay attention to students requiring such attention during the application process.

What kind of training do teachers receive?

Teachers meet to work together one afternoon (3 hours) every week. Twice annually, they participate on an organization development program led by a professional organization development trainer since the majority of the staff is involved in defining the trajectory of the school. Four times each academic year, the staff receives Rogersian method-specific training conducted by a psychologist specializing in the Rogers method.

Does the school promote the use of any special method of education?

Our unique program is based on the ideas of Carl Rogers. The methodological freedom of our teachers enables us to utilize methods designed for small groups. Differentiated education is expected of our teachers, we use elements of cooperative learning, a methodology based on the Gardner Multiple Intelligences Model and tools of drama-based pedagogy.

What does the daily routine look like?

Opening hours last from 9AM to 4PM. Students may start at 9AM and finish at 3PM or may start att 10AM and leave at 4PM.

Regular extracurricular activites are accounted for in the class schedule as defined by the Individual Learning Contract.