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Our daily routine gives birth to creativity and self-esteem

  • We meet for the things we cannot acquire by ourselves: relationships, intimacy, creativity.

  • We develop learning about ourselves and others.

  • We work with mixed-age groups and private students, so that we ourselves, thinking together as a group, become able to shape our daily routine.

  • Studying is organized around personal goals, curricula and class schedules. This is a true source of motivation.

  • Students are prepared for quarter exams, which makes it easy to monitor progress.

  • Interntional relations are cultivated to allow students to travel and see the world.

What do we do in order to live in a web of peaceful relationships and study without stress and anxiety?

  • We convey humanistic values so that it feels as if students arrived at a safe place.
  • There are weekly social competence classes in furtherence of a routine of self-discovery.
  • We provide ample time for our student to find their place in the world.
  • We organize a community for it is nurturing to belong.
  • We devised a stepwise methodology for conflict resolution to create a non-violent world around ourselves.



  • We approach learning by means of experiential learning because the world around us is interesting and learning feels good.
  • We have developed our own syllabuses to organize the learning experience in a plausible and digestable manner.
  • We receive diverse support (from volunteers, non-governmental organizations, speakers).
  • We focus on creativity to enable our students to look at problems from different perpectives.
  • Our Talent Program provides each of our students with an opportunity to show their unique abilities.