Our Mission

Our Mission

We would like to establish an environemnt around us and community from within us which provides faith, roots and a track for young people to mobilize their inner resources. Where it feels good to live and learn. We care for quality and convey humanistic values. So that we can be well within the world.

Our values

Based on the ideas of Carl Rogers

  • Authenticity

  • Empathy

  • Trust

  • Open communication

  • Unconditional positive regard

Trust and emapthy assist in learning how to organize a good life.

Decision-making - Open Communication

We operate as a “non-school” so that students can make their own decisions regarding their studies.

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Education - positive attitude

We follow the educational ideas of Carl Rogers because we experience daily that students can learn to take responsibility for their learning activities.

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According to the instructions of psychologist Ferenc Mérei, we attend to the organization of a community because we observe that it is best to learn in a web of quality relationships.

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