Katalin, Knolmárné Kostyál

person centered mentor, tutor

I am Katalin Kostyal, school-teacher from traning with an English minor.
In the first Rogers school, I started to explore the Rogersian way of eduaction with six year olds. We had had a great amount of brainstorming and theoretical work behind us when we opened the doors to the children. They are adults now, as 21 years have passed since. After being on maternity leave with my two children, I continued in the Rogers High School. Today, although I am not no longer working with the age group of six, but of sixteen, yet my focus remained the same: what do learning and responsibility mean, how can I get closer to myself, how can I accept my weaknesses whilst finding support in my forte? Formally, I explore these potentials for personal development in subjects I teach, such as Learning Methodology, Health Care, and Lifelong Guidance. Everything intrigues me that forms and shapes a person, both the inner and outer factors and affairs. Is is a lifelong endeavour indeed.

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