Éva, Markovics

Hungarian and Maths teacher

Éva Markovics, or, as I am mostly known, Vica.
Mathematics, with all capitals, yet feared, cauciously and silently uttered, lives up on the that ornamented shelf, unapproachable. It must be loved and above all, respected.
Loving maths, however, is impossible as long as it is treated this way.
Well, I am after finding a ladder to climb that shelf so we can sit around it, touch it, and get to know it. We befriend, scrutinise, and disassamble it, and then put it back together again. So at the same time, we can solve its mysteries and build a peculiar, confidential and intimate relationship with it.
I believe, learning is (also) about this.
Both for me and for those who accompany me on these explorations.
Lately, it is not only maths that provide an opportunity to discover the world and ourselves, but we lauched the expedition towards the shelfs of literature and grammar as well. We are carving the ladder right now…

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