Application process for the primary and secondary school

At first, we consult the parents about what we offer and if it suits their needs. We discuss what we think about learning and teaching.

Application interview, personal experience, ambitious young people

If our notions about education intersect, we invite the applicant to a trial period of 3 days. We attempt to make our value system transparent and find partners in this regard. This period allows the candidate to get acquainted with future peers, teachers, mentors, the atmosphere, the requirements, and provides ample time to talk about educational notions, needs and plans. The three day period is sufficient for ambitious students to present themselves. Based on this experience, a mutual agreement is reached about how to cooperate in the future.

MTAWithin our almost 20 years of existence, we have accumulated experience allowing us to put into words who we can work with effectively and who we can not. Our framework does not suit those who are prone to resolving their conflicts with aggressive solutions, and we do not accept candidates who require personal attendance by a teacher during each class to achieve progress.

Students with anxiety

In the same vein, our experience tells us that we can facilitate the opening up of students burdened with anxiety and successfully attend to the needs of ambitious students as well.


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