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Grades 7-10.

Motivation. Individualized curriculum. 

Personal experience. 

We believe that youngsters have the power to find their place in the world if we surround them with an environment of true acceptance.

Is failing school a source of fear? Has your child recently been playing truant?

At Rogers Learning Academy, each student may learn according to an individualized learning program with personal goals and at a personal pace. A resetting of education may occur this way, which is assisted by mentors and teachers together..

Skill development

Apart from the skill development classes once a week in every subject, English, Mathematics and Social Competence are obligatory parts of each program. The institution is attended four days a week, the fifth day is spent with interesting places in the capital, Budapest. Every other question about learning is dependent upon the individual choice of the student.

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For Students:

Usually we start at 9AM and finish at 3PM. If you are not an early birdm you can start at 10AM but you will only be able to finish at 4PM.

Grades 11-12

Early graduation from high school. Accelerated graduation process.

Study abroad.

Our main goal for our students in grades 11-12 is to experience success and build a practice of joyful and responsible learning.

Experienced teachers assist in preparation for the final exams (early examinations in required subjects and early graduation).

Examination in required subjects, cooperation

As defined by the Individual Learning Contract, classes may be replaced according to personal goals. A higher number of periods per academic cycle is provided in Foreign Languages and Mathematics.

Our offer includes Cognitive Skill Development and Foreign Languages at higher level. Mock exams are taken at previously set dates.

We believe that our students will often get into leadership positions in the future, that is why special attention is paid to the development of leadership skills:

  • Cooperation
  • Communication skills
  • Planning and execution
  • Taking initiative
  • Success orientation
  • Resolution of conflict

International programs

We are building international relation in the United States and Europe. We organize international programs or connect to such, which create opportunities for our students to travel internationally, to see the worlf and to get acquainted with different cultures.

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For Students:

If you feel you are not ready for the Success Program when you arrive at Rogers, then you can join our Reset Program for a year, and then, with your strength recovered, i.e “reset”, you can jump into the two years of the Success Program.